It was back in 1980, when Cosimo Palmisano, just fifteen, went over to the furniture world, starting his experience as an apprentice painter. His passion, combined with the personal flair and tenacity that distinguished him, took him in a few years to become chief painter and later qualified carpenter cabinetmaker. The turning point came in 1994 when, supported by family and now qualified furniture designer, he decided to create the brand "Art Furniture."

The endless passion and dedication to work are without doubt the values handed down by Cosimo to his two children, Sandro and Gianmattia, which today are committed to contributing proudly to the growth of the family business, increasing innovation, rigor and further attention to detail.


Our philosophy is right in the name of "ART FURNITURE", where the art is the basis of our principles. The primary goal we set ourselves is to realize the wishes of our customers, trying to convey their passion, artistic ideas, traditions and sartorial skills of our Apulian craftsmen team. "Art Furniture" also devotes particular attention to the search for a stylistic perfection aimed at making each creation of furniture a real work of art unique and precious.

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